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Data’s the new oil. We’ve been saying this all along, here at the HAT. And now The Economist has said the same thing. Still, the world of private data accounts hasn't started scaling yet. Any guesses for what might be the 'killer app'? 

And the future’s so data-driven… if we want to know what the future looks like in our increasingly data-enhanced lives, it’s Zuckerberg’s vision rather than Trump’s 100 days in office that we should look at, says WIRED. And how corporate needs impact on individuals’ freedom and control where personal data rights are concerned. How did we get to the situation where industry has more impact on our lives than government?

HAT News

That feeling of release. HATs and the Rumpel web application got upgrades last week. Now, you can change your password and public notables, and profiles are all native. Rumpel is pretty much just 'using your HAT' now. Go to your own Personal HAT Address (PHATA) and sign in. Your HAT dashboard (Rumpel) is now right there where your HAT is.

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